Bulk Adding Words to OS X’s Dictionary

I had another tutorial released on computers.tuts+ at the end of last week. This one’s on bulk adding words to OS X’s spell check. Blurb and link below:

The OS X built-in spell check is great, but it is not complete. It often does not include technical terms or brand names. If you routinely use words that your Mac’s dictionary doesn’t contain, and don’t want the hassle of adding them one at a time, it might be worth your while bulk adding a list of words. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to do just that.

Check it out on computers.tuts+.

Two New Tutorials Online

I have two new tutorials up with the tuts+ network. The first, on computers.tuts+, is about Finder replacements on OS X. The second, on photography.tuts+, is about dodging and burning. Here are their blurbs:

Until OS X Mavericks, a replacement Finder application was a must for most power users. Basic features like tabs were missing from OS X’s default application, so to get an improved Finder experience you had to turn to third parties. With Mavericks, however, Apple has finally brought tabs to Finder. In this tutorial I’ll show you what replacement Finder applications are out there, what they can still add to your workflow and why they’re still worth getting.

and on photography.tuts+…

Dodging and burning, the selective brightening and darkening of areas of an image, is one of the oldest forms of image manipulation. While analogue photographers would have to carefully spend hours printing and reprinting each photograph to get the effect they desired, Adobe Photoshop allows us to use the same effect quickly and easily. In this tutorial, I’ll show you three ways to dodge and burn in Photoshop.

Go have a read!

More Wisdom From Seth Godin

I make no secret of my love of Seth Godin and his pithy blog posts. I do my best not to endlessly parrot them here unless they strike a particular chord with me. Todays post, on the difference between uninformed and ignorant did just that.

Seth’s point is that with the internet providing access to most human knowledge in an instant, being uninformed is excusable and easily corrected. However, if, in spite of this access to knowledge, you refuse to become informed, then you’re ignorant. In Seth’s words, ignorance is “the intentional act of not-knowing“.

Look at the situation with Sochi pictures at the moment. There are problems with the Sochi Olympics but sharing false pictures of the situation just confuses matters. If you want to discuss the situation their, do the research, find out what is going on, become informed. But it is the epitome of ignorance to mindlessly hit “share” on a photo that meets your expectations of what the situation is like.

It is not just Sochi this occurs with; this same problem is repeated over and over again with every imaginable political position. Before sharing something, maybe spend 30 seconds informing yourself on whether Teddy Roosevelt ever actually rode a moose.

Janurary Review

In my post at the start of this month, Looking Forwards, I described how I was going to be setting challenges and goals for myself for both the year and on a month by month basis. January’s two challenges were to be nice and to stretch everyday. I’m happy to say I largely succeeded at both. I made a conscious effort not to talk ill of people, I think it is a challenge I will also revisit later in the year, and I stretched everyday bar one. My stretching routine took about half an hour so it was a serious commitment at times.

On my yearly goal of reading 52 books, I’m well on track. As of now, the end of the first week of February, I’ve read seven books; and they weren’t short either!

My fitness goals were a nonstarter in January. A combination of a number of things meant I wasn’t able to train as much as I would have liked. Despite that, I have my first competition this Sunday in Cork.

I made good progress on a few of my financial aims.

Like fitness unfortunately, my creative and learning goals didn’t get too far off the ground.

A mixed month so. Some great successes, other things not so much.

Looking on to February, I’m doing Ido Portals’ 30/30 squat challenge which is a nice continuation from the stretching last month. I aim to get fitness back on track, make more financial progress and get a few things into motion, continue reading at the rate I’m going, and to give creative projects and learning goals a look in. I also have 5 books I need to review on the blog.