February Review

In my review of January, I mentioned that my goals for February were to nail down fitness and finance. Fitness was a bit of a non-start again; I got more jits time but I’m in between weights gyms and so my strength training’s taken a hit. I join a new gym on the first of April so that should get things together again.

I completed Ido Portal’s squat challenge which has done great things for my flexibility and posture.

Finance on the other hand, I blew out of the water. It was my most financially successful month ever. I had 6 tutorials published which contributed heavily to that; I also had some design work in. This month will probably be slightly less financially fruitful as I’ve more non-work stuff to do but should still be decent.

Bookwise, February was a little slack. I’ve been struggling to make it through On the Road by Jack Kerouac. I’m still on track but I think I’ve lost my slight lead. I also utterly failed to review any books on this blog.

Looking forward to March, my main aim is to clear my plate of non-work stuff so I can really focus on that coming into the summer. I’m also aiming to get 20 sets of hillsprints done in 30 days to make up for missed weights sessions. Learning and creativity are unfortunately on the back burner til probably May.