April Review

April, like March, was another good month. For the most part I aced my sleep goal! I’ve been averaging three to four extra hours of sleep a week and mostly getting 6.5 to 7 hours a night. I can feel the effects and have more energy and focus because of it. Going forward, I want to keep this level of sleep.

Financially April was mediocre. Not bad per se, but I wasn’t able to focus on it and that shows. This month is going to be the same.

Bookwise I again kept on top of things and got through 5 books. Well on track for 52 this year.

Fitness was also great. I’ve been getting four weights sessions a week on top of three or four jits sessions. This is only going to increase coming into the summer. From June on I’m going to be aiming for four weights sessions and six jits sessions a week. That, however, is not this month.

This months challenge is something I’ve been considering for a while: meditation. I’m aiming to count to do 100 breaths – slowly – with a clear mind every day. This should give me around 10 or 12 minutes of meditation. The aim is to simply get to 100 so I can do it in blocks of however many I like throughout the day. On top of this I’m going to keep up with the sleeping and fitness progress I am making.

March Review

March was an interesting month. I managed to get my 20 sets of hill sprints done which kept fitness in check. Financially it was also a great month – to my surprise. I managed to get more work done than I’d thought and had a few new projects crop up.

Bookwise it also was quite good. I managed to get some decent reading done as well as some good time listening to audiobooks. I’ve once again got ahead of schedule!

For April I’m taking a different challenge. I’ve been reading a lot about the benefits of sleep and I think I am probably getting too little: between 4.5 hours and 6 a night. So my 30 day challenge is to try and get 7 hours sleep a night. Quite a pleasant one I think!

The non-work stuff that I mentioned coming due this month is actually far more likely to interfere with April and May so learning, creativity and unfortunately finance are going to take a hit. I start in a new gym though so exercise is finally likely to be on the up!