Camera+ Review

Every so often I’m going to post a quick review of some of my favourite apps – whether they are Mac, iOS or any other kind of app.


Camera+ LogoCamera+ is the best camera app for the iPhone. It has all the features you’d expect from an iPhone camera app: the ability to set separate metering and focus points, a timer, burst mode and lockable white balance. There is also stability mode – handy for low light shooting – where the shutter only triggers if you hold the phone perfectly steady. The hardware volume up button can also be used as a physical shutter release.

However, it’s not the camera functions where Camera+ really shines but its editing and sharing features. Like a lot of photography apps, Camera+ includes a variety of filters to change the look of your photos; unlike a lot of other apps, such as Instagram,  Camera+ allows you to control the opacity of the filter. While Instagram photos often look over-filtered, with careful use of the opacity slider that is not an issue with Camera+. Also, the Scene Modes section allows for some basic adjustments based on what or where you were shooting.

The real star of all Camera+’s filters is the Clarity filter. Through some technological voodoo this filter massively improves pretty much any photo you apply it to – while the look might be slightly surreal at times, it’s something I’ve grown to like, and even to aim for (see my eyePhone review and some of my iPhone photos for proof!)

Sharing of photos is done through Camera+’s own servers: you select the photo you want to share, select how you want to share it (email, message or social media) and the picture is uploaded to with it’s own unique URL. Camera+ has replaced MMS for me. It’s far quicker, easier and cheaper to upload a photo to Camera+ and message someone the link than to rely on the expensive, slow and patchy MMS service that’s available in Ireland.

Camera+ is normally €1.59 in the iPhone app store but regularly drops to €0.79. I’d happily have paid twice that price though; I use it almost everyday. If you want to mainly share to facebook and Twitter then Instagram is a slightly more efficient app; but for sharing with a single person, editing and having the best iPhone camera app around then you can’t beat Camera+.