Looking Forwards

So that is the 2013 done with. It was a mixed year for me, with some great successes that were mired by other issues. It was mostly a foundational year, things I did last year will stand to me and be built on over the next twelve months. The end of the year is a time to readjust and look forward, rather than dwell on woulds and coulds, so, with that in mind, I’ve spent the last few days prepping for the year ahead.

A theme, as such, for the next year is really going to be pushing myself on every level. I plan to be more successful physically, financially, and intellectually than ever before. I’ve set myself goals, not resolutions, across six areas, fitness, knowledge, finance, college, adventure, and personal. Over the course of the next twelve months I aim to reach a number of milestones in all six. For example, for fitness, I aim to compete at least six times this year (I managed well over that last year), and at a higher level. I also want to increase my flexibility. For adventure, I want to make it to Wales and climb Mount Snowdon.

One of the tools I’ll be using to reach these goals are 30 (and 31, or 28) day challenges. I will set myself a task to do every day for the entire calendar month. Failure will involve financial contributions to my friends, or charities I hate. For January, I’m doing two challenges. The first set by myself, and the other by the author Neil Strauss. My challenge to myself is to stretch every day. My posterior chain and shoulders are too tight and that will eventually stop me progressing, both in BJJ and in weight lifting. Now is the time to address this problem. The second, from Neil, is to speak no ill of myself, or anyone else. If I catch myself saying something negative about anyone else, I must give the nearest person a euro. I have five one euro coins in my wallet. The aim is to finish the month without giving them all away.

While these challenges will determine a specific focus for each month, I also have a number of year long challenges. The most obvious of which, is my plan to read 52 books. I’ve started today with The Gun: The Story of the AK-47 by CJ Chivers and I’m also listening to Sailing to Sarantium, book one of the Sarantine Mosaic by Guy Gavriel Kay. Neither of these is a short book but I’ve been looking forward to reading them both so screw it! I’ll be posting more about each book as I read it. I’ll also be writing more about the other goals and challenges as they become relevant. But now, I must go stretch!