March Review

March was an interesting month. I managed to get my 20 sets of hill sprints done which kept fitness in check. Financially it was also a great month – to my surprise. I managed to get more work done than I’d thought and had a few new projects crop up.

Bookwise it also was quite good. I managed to get some decent reading done as well as some good time listening to audiobooks. I’ve once again got ahead of schedule!

For April I’m taking a different challenge. I’ve been reading a lot about the benefits of sleep and I think I am probably getting too little: between 4.5 hours and 6 a night. So my 30 day challenge is to try and get 7 hours sleep a night. Quite a pleasant one I think!

The non-work stuff that I mentioned coming due this month is actually far more likely to interfere with April and May so learning, creativity and unfortunately finance are going to take a hit. I start in a new gym though so exercise is finally likely to be on the up!