More Wisdom From Seth Godin

I make no secret of my love of Seth Godin and his pithy blog posts. I do my best not to endlessly parrot them here unless they strike a particular chord with me. Todays post, on the difference between uninformed and ignorant did just that.

Seth’s point is that with the internet providing access to most human knowledge in an instant, being uninformed is excusable and easily corrected. However, if, in spite of this access to knowledge, you refuse to become informed, then you’re ignorant. In Seth’s words, ignorance is “the intentional act of not-knowing“.

Look at the situation with Sochi pictures at the moment. There are problems with the Sochi Olympics but sharing false pictures of the situation just confuses matters. If you want to discuss the situation their, do the research, find out what is going on, become informed. But it is the epitome of ignorance to mindlessly hit “share” on a photo that meets your expectations of what the situation is like.

It is not just Sochi this occurs with; this same problem is repeated over and over again with every imaginable political position. Before sharing something, maybe spend 30 seconds informing yourself on whether Teddy Roosevelt ever actually rode a moose.