Tips for Umbrella Hitchhiking

After the interest in my post about umbrella hitchhiking, I thought I would share a few tips I’ve picked up from doing it.

Smile. If you’re not smiling. it’s just weird.

Get to the point. You are interrupting someone as they walk down the street; explain why you’re doing it quickly, so they realise you’re not (too) crazy and will let you under their umbrella.

Size matters. Having two people crammed under a tiny umbrella doesn’t work. You should be the one walking half out if room is tight, it is their umbrella. Better yet, try hitch a lift under a big golf umbrella.

Chat. It’s shameful how little people interact with strangers. You have the opportunity to connect with someone you otherwise would never have talked to. Use it. Also, it’s pretty creepy if you walk along in silence.

Just do it! There are no downsides to it; you stay dry and meet new people. Next time you’re caught without an umbrella, get umbrella hitchhiking.