Two New Tutorials Online

I have two new tutorials up with the tuts+ network. The first, on computers.tuts+, is about Finder replacements on OS X. The second, on photography.tuts+, is about dodging and burning. Here are their blurbs:

Until OS X Mavericks, a replacement Finder application was a must for most power users. Basic features like tabs were missing from OS X’s default application, so to get an improved Finder experience you had to turn to third parties. With Mavericks, however, Apple has finally brought tabs to Finder. In this tutorial I’ll show you what replacement Finder applications are out there, what they can still add to your workflow and why they’re still worth getting.

and on photography.tuts+…

Dodging and burning, the selective brightening and darkening of areas of an image, is one of the oldest forms of image manipulation. While analogue photographers would have to carefully spend hours printing and reprinting each photograph to get the effect they desired, Adobe Photoshop allows us to use the same effect quickly and easily. In this tutorial, I’ll show you three ways to dodge and burn in Photoshop.

Go have a read!