Umbrella Hitchhiking

This is how I (independently) invented Umbrella Hitchhiking. The other week it was pissing rain in Dublin. Ridiculous, flood causing downpours. Twice, I got caught out in the rain with somewhere to be and no umbrella.

I was reminded of Christmas a few years back when it snowed properly. Two or three times my car wouldn’t make it up the icy hill from Howth village towards my house so I would leave it at the bottom and hitchhike home. Standing outside a shop, sheltered by an underhang I decided to try hitchhiking again. But this time, I would be hitchhiking for an umbrella!

I caught the eye of the first person walking towards me, smiled, and with a pleading gesture asked if they’d be really awesome and let me in under their umbrella with them. Guess what, it worked a charm. She was walking back to the same car park as me so I had a nice, brief chat with a stranger and got back to my car a lot drier than I could have been.

The second time was the exact same. I caught someone’s eye and they kindly let me walk along with them. The next time I’m caught in the rain, I know what I’m doing! Umbrella hitchhiking.