We Are Photgoraphy – Guy Arbell

I’m sure you know the deal at this point; I’m in control of the @WeRPhotgraphy twitter account for a week and am doing companion blog posts here. So let’s get cracking…

The shot today is of Guy Arbell, a cabaret performer. I was in doing a studio shoot for underCURRENT, the cabaret troupe he’s a member of, for an upcoming show of theirs. He was first up and so we got some very dapper looking head shots! He was delighted and I think it’s a great shot that captures how him nicely. It also allows us to have a little discussion about studios. I shot this with my 50mm 1.8 against a white flash-lit background with soft boxes to the left and right providing the main lights and a large umbrella providing fill from the front. I don’t do very much work with studio flashes so it was great fun for me!

On a more personal level, I really like this shot as much because how happy Guy was with it, as for any artistic brilliance on my part. I think there’s an important consideration to be as to what the purpose of any given shot is. Sometimes it is to convey an emotion or capture a specific scene. But sometimes, it’s just to have fun and for someone to be happy with the outcome.

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