We Are Photography – Gear Day

This week I am curating the @WeRPhotography twitter page. I’ve been posting photos and some accompanying blog posts. Here’s Monday’s and Tuesday’s. I’ve also declared today #GearDay so I’m going to do a quick post about my favourite gear.


My main camera is an 18 month old Canon 650D. It’s an awesome camera. I’d love to upgrade it to a Mark III but can’t exactly justify it and I’m not sure I want to deal with the extra weight. I also shoot with my iPhone and have an old Olympus E500 lying around that gets the occasional day out.


The main lens I use, that I leave just sitting on my camera in my bag, is my 40mm STM Pancake lens. I love this lens. The image quality is unreal and it adds almost no size or weight to my 650D. The whole package sits comfortable in my bag all day so I can break it out whenever. Having the camera in my bag all day with a big zoom lens like my 18-135 STM just isn’t feasible. Trust me, I’ve tried. I find the 40mm is both wide enough and tight enough for the street stuff I like to shoot. I can take great portraits by getting in close, but it’s also wide enough to back away and capture the whole scene. I break out the 18-135 when I’m in need of real flexibility. For example, when I’m shooting street performers like Shah Smooth, I never know where they’ll be or what they’ll be doing so I tend to use it then so I can cope with any silly antics! I also have a 50mm 1.8 that I use almost exclusively for portraits and twilight shooting.


My most used accessories are my Peak Design Leash and Cuff. These straps are great and super flexible. I tend to have the cuff on my camera in my bag. Then when I get the opportunity, I slip it on my wrist and keep my camera in hand as I walk around. Once I reach my destination, the whole lot goes back in the bag. I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of my Peak Design Capture Clip which should be hear any day. It supposedly shipped three weeks back! If anyone from Peak Design feels like checking up on that drop me a line! I also love my Trigger Trap Mobile Dongle. I haven’t really got full use out of it yet but I’ve had great fun playing with it. I’ve experimented with some timelapses using it and am plotting more. If you’ve a smartphone it’s definitely worth getting.

Wish List

The next item of gear I’ll be getting will be a solid tripod. The one I have now just isn’t great. I’d also like to get a better flash so I can use it more in bright sunlight!

Any questions or comments? Hit me up on twitter at either my account or the @WeRPhotgraphy account.