We Are Photography – Jeanie Johnston

This week I’m in control of the @WeRPhotgraphy twitter account and I’m doing companion blog posts here. So let’s get cracking…

This shot is of the Jeanie Johnston, a replica of one of the ships that brought Irish emigrants to the United States in the 1800′s. She is a museum moored along the quays in Dublin city centre. I went for a walk along the quays one evening specifically to get this shot. She is lit by a floodlight at her bow which was the primary light source for the image. It’s actually three exposures combined together to get a HDR composite of the scene. That way I could get some details in the shadows and highlights that would have otherwise been lost after exposing for the ship. I shot this with my 18-135mm with the focal length set at around 24mm and the aperture wide open. Even still, the longest exposure was several seconds.

This is one of my favourite shots. There are a few bits that I would love to have changed but it just wasn’t possible given the lighting situation. The floodlight hits the bow very harshly and pulling any detail back there was difficult. I think the rigging works great though.

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