We Are Photography – Keith

Hey! This week I am curating the @WeRPhotography twitter page and so I’m posting pictures there and acompanying blog posts here. You can also check out yesterdays post.

I’ve recently started a personal project of taking portraits of the homeless in Dublin. This is the second photo in the series. Keith was watching me take photos of the traffic near College Green in Dublin, so I approached him and asked to take his photo. I’ve found homeless people to be very receptive to the idea as long as you assure them you’re not from the newspapers or the police. If anyone has any questions about approaching people in the street feel free to ask on twitter at either @WeRPhotography or @HarryGuinness.

From a technical point of view, this shot was taken with my Canon 650D and 40mm STM lens. I love this little lens, in fact, I’ll be doing a post on it later on. I had the aperture wide open to 2.8 to get Keith’s face in sharp focus and blur everything else to varying degrees. ISO was, if I recall correctly, 400 and I shot in aperture priority mode but shutter speed was around 160ish. In general, when I’m walking around in the city, I use aperture priority mode, and set the aperture to 8 and ISO to 400. It gives me a great degree of flexibility to get shots as they appear. I converted the shot to black and white in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

Creatively, I love the intensity of Keith’s gaze. There were a few shots where he looked off into the distance or at people walking by but then when he looked straight down the lens, I knew that was the one. I think if I had been six inches further back, the fingers down the bottom wouldn’t have been cropped slightly which may have made a slightly better image. I’m also not sure if the cup draws too much focus. What do you guys think? Any comments, questions or suggestions? Hit me up on either @WeRPhotography or @HarryGuinness.