We Are Photography – Poolbeg

Hello again! This week I’ve been looking after the @WeRPhotography twitter page. I’ve been posting photos and accompanying blog posts. Here are Monday’s and Tuesday’s. I also did a quick gear post yesterday.

The shot above (click here for a bigger version) is of one of my favourite Dublin landmarks, the smoke stacks at Poolbeg. I was driving home from the city one Saturday evening and it was, obviously, the blue hour. The water in the bay was remarkably smooth and so I stopped in Clontarf and set up my camera and tripod to take a few shots. Technically, I was using my 18-135 lens with a narrow aperture, somewhere south of 22, to get a nice long shutter speed to smooth out any remaining ripples in the bay. I think my shutter speed was around six seconds. I took a four shot panorama and stitched it together using Adobe Photoshop.

From a personal point of view, I’m tied between this colour version and also a black and white version. I regularly change my mind as to which I prefer. The black and white version is my twitter cover photo at the moment. I think it is one of my strongest landscape shots. I’d love to hear people’s opinions, comments and suggestions, so please tweet them to me at either @HarryGuinness or @WeRPhotgraphy.