We Are Photography – Shah Smooth

Hello again! I’m posting this photo because this week I am curating the @WeRPhotography twitter page. Rather than just tweet pictures randomly, I thought it would be worth posting some accompanying blog posts.

This first photo is of a crazy street performer called Shah Smooth. Through some rather interesting friends, I’ve ended up working with a lot of Dublin’s street performers. As well as limbo dancing, Shah does unicycling, gymnastics and sings. This shot of him is one of many I took one day when he was performing at a festival in the docklands. If I recall correctly, it was shot with my 18-135mm at a fairly wide angle. I got in close to the burning limbo pole and shot as he went under. He went even lower, limboing under the bar balanced on the two wine bottles in the shot, but by that time the flames had died quite a bit so this shot looked better. I was shooting without a flash and the sun was high so there were some harsh shadows that were difficult to overcome. Ideally I would have had a small bit of flash on him to pull the focus a little more as his face is a touch too underexposed, even after dodging, for my liking. I’d love to hear what you think so tweet at @WeRPhotography or @HarryGuinness with any questions, comments or suggestions!