We Are Photography – Will Willson

Good afternoon! This week I’ve been in control of the @WeRPhotography twitter page. I’ve been posting photos and accompanying blog posts since Monday. This post is a little late today so without further ado…

The shot above is of my friend and training partner, Will Willson. Will started out as a skinny kid but then decided he wanted to get a little bigger. Rather than do things in half measures, he became a bodybuilder. This is a photo of him negative curling 47.5kg (100+lbs for any American readers). Technically, I shot this with my 50mm 1.8 with it wide open. It was quite a difficult photo to expose for as the windows in the background were really bright and the room we were in quite dark. I think I just about got it though!

On a more subjective level, I really like the intensity and the almost zen-like closed eyes. This is a man lifting half his bodyweight with one arm and he’s got his eyes closed! Please, let me know on twitter what you think of it. You can use either my account or the @WeRPhotgraphy account to get in touch.